This revolutionary clever baggy removes odours, allergens and harmful particles from the air, and provides constant freshness in your rooms and objects.

✔ Use it in shoes, sports bags, cat litter boxes, wardrobes

Safe alternative to toxic air fresheners

✔ Useful in every room, car, workplace…

Absorbs and removes moisture

✔ Contains no chemicals, is 100% natural

Long shelf life - 2 years

200g baggy fit for 9 m2

An ecological and safe alternative to expensive modern air purifiers.

Compared to other air purifying appliances, AirBoo bags are much safer for your health and very affordable


Remove bad odours

Magic baggies can be used in shoes, wardrobes, drawers…

Prevent growth of mould
 in spaces

Bamboo charcoal binds moisture

Contains no dangerous chemicals

Power of nature that is
proved to work

100% natural bamboo charcoal

Only natural and human-friendly materials

Secret ingredient of the Clever Clean air Baggy

The baggy contains only one single things: bamboo charcoal. This charcoal has millions of tiny pores on its surface that absorb the smallest particles in the air.
Tiny pores bind the small particles and break down the bacteria that produce the unpleasant smell. The particles get trapped, and only clean air passes through.

How do I use the Airboo bamboo charcoal air cleaning bags?

After taking the air cleaning bamboo bag out of its packaging, you’ll need to expose it to sunlight for at least an hour to activate the charcoal. After that, you are ready to use the baggy in your home or car, anywhere. We recommend you place the bag in the sun for an hour each month, to prolong its shelf life. Don’t mistake sunlight with heat, as the bag doesn’t need heat to activate, only UV rays. The bag is then ready to use. Don’t open the baggy until it’s time to dispose of it.

Is bamboo charcoal safe?

Bamboo charcoal is a completely safe and natural air cleaner. It has no emissions and no chemicals. The bag that holds the charcoal is also toxin-free and chemical-free. More importantly, the charcoal is biodegradable, so after it’s served its purpose, you can simply bury it. The charcoal is also safe for adults, pets and children.

Where do I place the Airboo air cleaning bag?

There’s no instructions for this, you can place the Airboo bag anywhere you wish. The Airboo activated charcoal air cleaner bag has a built-in o-ring which enables you to hang it anywhere anytime you want. You can also hang it on your curtains or wall hooks.
If you want the best results, mind the size of the room. The 200g baggy will suit a smaller space (around 9 square meters) and is perfect for a car. If your room is bigger, we recommend using a few bags.
It will pay off if you hang the baggy in a higher place, as warm air rises and moves upwards towards the ceiling. This way it’ll pass through the baggies and clean. In your car, simply place Airboo in the cup holder or hang it on the rearview mirror.

  • Kevin S. ★★★★★

    Was really skeptical about the product but bought it and i use it in my fitness bag and shoes in the evening. There’s really no smell left even when i don’t put my bag and shoes out to air.

  • Tina S. ★★★★★

    I bought the baggies cause I’ve two kitties and their kitty litter boxes are inside. No matter what we tried we couldn’t get rid of the bad smell. Gotta say I’m more than happy, the smell is almost gone and there’s almost no moisture in the air. Recommend!

  • Kim A. ★★★★★

    Bought them for the bf because his feet often smell really bad, the whole apartment would smell. Now he uses the bags in his shoes and I bought one big baggy for the shoe cupboard, so problem solved.